Saturday, February 16, 2013

H is for Horse

On yet another of our farm themed field trips, the children we able to visit another friend's home and ride horses. Savannah, and another homeschooling family joined us for an unusually warm January afternoon of farmed themed fun.

 We started our visit by exploring their property. They have a beautiful piece of land with chickens, peacocks, goats, puppies, and horses. It is every kids dream to have a back yard like theirs!

Titus was really interested in the chickens. 

He also thought the puppies were neat!

We brought carrots to encourage the horses to like us :)

But Titus figured, 
If it's good enough for the house, it's good enough for me! 
And he ate the carrot :)

The kids took turns brushing the horse.

 Then off they went ridding!

Daylin rode with the younger kids. She did such an awesome job!

After Titus watched Eden and Josiah ride there was no stopping him!

As long as he could keep wubby (his little blanket) Titus loved it! 
 Eden took this experience very seriously. She listened well to all that Daylin instructed her to do and even rode bareback. Eden tends to be a little timid of new situations. I didn't know if she would want to ride or not. I was so proud of her for facing her fear and enjoying this experience. We're in the planning stage of riding lessons for her once the weather warms up a bit.

A few of my other favorites from the day.

Water Break

Chris being sweet with a puppy
 Lydia loving on Macy

Titus and Anna taking a walk :)

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Kelly B said...

we had a blast... thanks for inviting us;) Love the picture of Nate getting a drink:)