Thursday, February 14, 2013

C is for Cow

I'm not sure who has enjoyed home schooling more, The kids or me! We use a curriculum called My Father's World  that organizes our daily lesson into themes. The past few weeks we've had a farming theme that we were really able to explore and do lot of hands on projects. During our "C is for cows week," We studied dairy products., and were able to make our own butter, buttermilk, whipped cream and cheese. 

My kids love being in the kitchen with me. To be honest, It's always makes a mess to invite 2 kids into the kitchen, But life wouldn't be half the fun without the messes:) I have learned to have everything I need pulled out, measured, and ready for them when I call them in to join me. Without a plan, and assigned tasks messes can grow expediently in a matter of seconds!

Making butter was a fun task. This was my Granny's butter churn. I bet she would be tickled to know that we were using it and had so much fun learning a "old" skill. Eden poured in the heavy whipping cream and we got to work.

You can see, churning takes a long time. It only took about 15 minutes, but that's a long time if you're 5 :)

Josiah sticks his tongue out whenever he is thinking about something or working hard at a task.

The finished product, milk and butter milk. 
And yes, Eden loves wearing a  dress and tiara when she cooks. 
 They also made whipped cream.

   The next day, Eden and I tackled making mozzarella cheese. 
It was neat to make, but I wish the recipe I used would have called for salt. Our cheese was a little bland.
I have since ordered some additional supplies and hope to make more cheese in the near future.

Eden measured the temperature carefully.
Making cheese is equal parts science and luck.

This is after Eden cut the cheese :)
into curds and whey 

Then she strained it with a colander until all that was left was the hard cheese.

That's all the whey that was left over from a gallon of milk. There are lots of uses for whey.

After we strained all the cheese, I microwaved it for a minute at a time. Then I began pulling and stretching it until it became smooth and shinny.

Homeschooling 101, Eden and I got to enjoy making dairy products

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