Monday, October 13, 2008

Sickness in the Garden

Please pray for us, as all 3 Gilbreaths are a little under the weather. Larry has been fighting a sinus infection, Eden is dealing with allergies/ pink eye and I am dealing with all day sickness.

This experience has taught me how important family is and reminds me how difficult it is to live so far away from my own Mama. I know it sounds weird, but as a grown married woman and a mother myself, I still want my Mom when I'm sick.

However I know that times like these are purposeful. It is the means that God has used to show us how He has has blessed us with a wonderful church family. Being so sick and dealing with a sick baby has been difficult, but our church family has been so good to us. Mary, which we call Mimi, came and took care of Eden today so Larry could take me to the doctors. I had some blood test done, but the doctor was not to concerned. This too shall pass. Our son's heart beat sounded great, and I'm measuring right on target. I gained 2 pounds this past month, so I'm not losing weight, which is good.

Eden is pitiful. She woke up Sunday with blood shot eyes, and a runny nose. I was afraid that she had pink eye. So I called the doctor's office who saw her right away. I thought that was great especially on a Sunday morning. The doctor said she did have pink eye but not the kind that you would think of in nurseries. He thought she was having an allergic reaction to something. I had just taken her to a field of wild flowers for pictures. He also mentioned that the pesticides in the farming communities is bad on small children. We have a cotton field on the other side of the church that was just sprayed. So I'm not sure what to think. If she's not better by tomorrow, she is supposed to go back for another check up.

On the bright side, this has been a good time of cuddling. Eden loves to cuddles when she doesn't feel good.

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Jenn said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this time of sickness. I am praying this morning for you all.

Especially for mama and baby boy to come! Please keep me posted on your blood tests and how you all are doing.

Yes, you will find here that during certain times of farming, the pesticides will effect, and also during harvesting it stirs things up. We noticed this big time, and some friends who are from here told us their issues with it too...

Last yr many of us in our little home-school group got swollen eyes and coughs when peanuts and cotton were being sprayed or harvested.

I'm praying for relief for you all. love you all! jenn