Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Models :)

Eden and I got to be models today :)

My friend Andrea is a great photographer and she was looking for moms to photograph using a baby sling called a Bundle Boo. She thought it would be interesting to show a pregnant mom and asked if I would be interested.

Now I must admit I'm not a natural when it comes to baby wearing. I thought with my big baby bump (I'm a week shy of 6 months pregnant) that it might not be comfortable. I was wrong, wearing Eden was suprisingly comfortable.

We shot two different wraps and I liked them both. There are numerous different ways to wear your baby. Andrea had to help me get Eden tied up. I wore Eden on my back and my front. She fit just right on my baby bump. The first position we tried on my back was the most comfortable. I could have worn Eden like that for hours.

Eden liked it more than I thought she would. She was a little nervous at first because I've only worn her a few times. After the initial minute of , hey mom, what are we doing?, She relaxed and did really well. A few times she squirmed, but I was never afraid of her falling out. I didn't have to keep my hands on her at all. It was much easier to wear her than to carry her. She weighs about 22 lbs now. One of the things I really liked about this wrap is that there are holes for her legs and a built in seat area, so I knew where to put her.

I'm really looking forward to wearing our son. I wish I would have known more about baby wearing when Eden was little.

Here is a link to Andreas blog with the Bundle Boo pictures:

Thanks Andrea, we had lots of fun!

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