Saturday, November 15, 2008

Citadel (updated)

As the homecoming parade passes, it customary for alumni to take the field and salute their Troop as it passes. 10 years ago Larry was doing the same thing these young men were.
This is the barracks at the Citadel. Larry was in F Troop. They've redone the barracks, now they have central heat and air, and are much nicer than when Larry was there.

Chuck, Eric, Larry and Doug
Class of 98, F Troop
Go Bulldogs!

This weekend we're in Charleston celebrating Larry's 10 year college reunion. I was able to go with Larry to see a parade and tailgate for a game. Each time we've visited in the past there were never cadets on campus. It was different seeing the campus run like it did when Larry was there.
I have a whole new respect for the effort that Larry put in to being a Citadel man. When you see how the knobs live for a year, you find an awe that these young men (and now women) deal with to become Cadets. The knobs, freshmen, have to walk in the gutter at double time always looking ahead, ready to answer to any upper class men. They get yelled at and have to know the history of the Citadel and any other relevant information that the upperclassmen deem
The Cadets lives are lived in a code of ethics and honor that I never experienced at my secular university. There is a brotherhood that these men share that is special. Their friendship will last their lifetimes because of what they put up with and how they shared their lives for the four years they were there.
One of the neatest thing we experienced while touring this weekend was going into one of the rooms in the barracks. Larry wanted me to see the new rooms and how they had changed. Even though the rooms were updated they kept the old lockers. Larry's name and '98 was etched along with the men who used the lockers before his time. As I looked into the young mans face, I said, can you imagine how your life will change in the next 10 years. His mom and Dad were also visiting and I was able to talk with her for a few moments. We all shared a neat experience. Larry relived the past and this young man gained a glimpse into the future. It was really neat :)

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