Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home again, Home Again....

We're happy to be home.

We had a good visit and enjoyed some time with Larry's family in Charleston and his Reunion. I'll upload some more pictures tomorrow. I am again using slow speed Internet and that always leads to frustration. This weekend we were able to use high speed Internet. Oh how I miss High Speed!!!!!

I wasn't able to finish the post below about the Citadel because I realized while doing it that Eden was pretty sick.

When I got back from the Citadel (Larry stayed to visit longer with friends) I realized that Eden wasn't doing well. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and Jeanne said she had done fine until I got there. Eden eyes were weak and as I was posting to the blog, I saw her pulling her right ear 3 times. Eden is not a fussy baby when she's sick. She only cries when she is in extreme pain.

It's never good for a toddler to get sick, much less on a Saturday and even worse out of town. It was 4:30 Saturday afternoon when I realized she would need to see a doctor. I was anxious and fearful because I didn't want to have to take Eden to the ER, and have to wait hours with her sick and expose her to hospital germs. I started to pray. I know God hears a mother's heart. I loved how He answered my prayers.

We found a walk in clinic that was open and would see a toddler. We took her to Health First in North Charleston. They were AWESOME! We walked in and I explained that Larry had our insurance cards and he was on his way. They said no problem. We were called back to the nurse's station for vitals and in a room in less than 5 minutes.

In the room they played contemporary Christian music. Their magazine were all Christian, they had books by Focus on the Family, and they had Bible verses all around. The Doctor was in within 5 minutes and she was super nice. She found that Eden had a double ear infection and bad sinus congestion. She was glad we went ahead and brought her in. Then, another sweet nurse came in to give Eden a hearing test to see how severe the infection was. I have never had this done at the pediatricians office. They found that their was no sound waves bouncing off her right ear drum and only low range on her left, which let them know how bad the infections were. They gave us prescriptions to help and wished us well. We were done in 25 minutes. It was one of the best doctor's visit I ever had for Eden. I was ready to break down and get so upset, but God gave us such excellent care for Eden. What a tremendous blessing!!! Who knew we would find a Christian doctor's office on a Saturday evening!!! God knew that's who!!!

Eden is doing better and is sleeping in her own bed now. I'm heading off to go sleep in mine as well. :)

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