Monday, November 24, 2008

Operation Brown Bag

This is one of the bags that was given in the love of Jesus.

This is Ms. Rose Griffin. Her husband Thurman was the pastor of our church for over 50 years.

The Members of Reddicks Grove Baptist Church that went out to share the love of Jesus

The personal visits meant so much to the residents at WRC

This weekend our church did a Thanksgiving project to help families in need and the nursing home residents at Williamston Rehab Center. We called it Operation Brown Bag because it was a continuation of Operation In As Much we did this past Spring. It was a wonderful success!
All of the people who participated were blessed and could say how each family who received a bag were so grateful. It was one of those times you could say it was more blessed to give than receive. We who gave the bags were blessed beyond words. With times being so tough, these bags were just a little way our church could say we love you and Jesus loves you.

My team went to the nursing home and we were able to give each patient a gift bag. We put things like socks, washcloths, tooth paste, tooth brushes, shampoos, soaps and a few sugar free snacks. The residents were so happy to receive the bags, but most of them enjoyed the visit just as much.

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