Friday, May 29, 2009

Not so friendly visitor

We get visitor of all kinds here at the parsonage, Mostly the 2 legged kind..But yesterday we had this bold snapping turtle show up on our front walk. I don't know a whole lot about snapping turtles except they bite. After I shot this picture of our kitten Delilah and the turtle, I decided to put the camera down and shoo her away. I didn't want her to be bitten or the turtle to be eaten.

Thankfully, one of our favorite 2 legged visitors showed up and put the turtle in the corn field next door to us. And just as and FYI to all you city dwellers, turtles are not slow creatures. This little bugger took off when we tried to capture him. I was super surprised at how fast he was. And yes snapping turtles do snap. They kinda hiss too. Over all this is as close as I want to come to one :)

National Geographic about to happen!
One big snapping turtle

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Betharoo said...

yes! be careful! they're nasty little buggers! The surprising thing is how loooong their necks are! They can almost bite you at even a foot away.