Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fishing Jesus style

The running joke in my family is that any man can fish with a pole, but real men fish like Jesus.

This is my brother, Shannon, throwing a cast net. The net is weighted down with lead weights all around the perimeter. The net falls fast and catches anything under it. It's heavy! After casting it a few times you realize how hard of work it must have been for the apostles, who used bigger nets. We fish for fun, they fished for their livelihood.

After watching this it makes reading passages like Luke 5:4-11 more understandable. Jesus (who was a carpenter, not a fishermen) tells Peter to throw out a net again on the other side of the boat. Peter who is tired, says we've fished all night and caught nothing. But sure, we'll try one more time. When Peter obeys, he is blessed with a harvest so big it breaks the nets and he has to call in for reinforcements. He realizes he is in the presences of God and is humbled.

Now our catch was not remarkable like Peter's on the day Jesus called him out. But the Truths of Obeying and Blessing are still applicable to me today. Having a picture of how casting a net works, made me ponder Jesus' commands on my life. How often I struggle with his commands. How often I miss the blessings because of the struggle. I want to have an attitude like Peter, even though I'm tired. I want to obey.

Shannon's catch, also known as bait. :)

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