Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus Vs. Santa


Larry and I are in the process of developing a Christmas tradition for our family. Our biggest desire is for our children to know Jesus through a personal relationship. We want them to celebrate His birth at Christmas. Using the Holiday to love and serve others, as Christ has loved us. At 2 and 10 months Eden and Josiah don't understand most of what we're trying to teach, but we believe that the Word will not return void. Little minds absorb so much. Eden has her own little nativity set. She is so cute as she names the pieces. Of course, Mary is "Meme". Each day we sing Christmas carols and talk about Jesus' birthday.
Now what do we do with Santa? Larry and I have decided not to have Santa be a part of our children's Christmas tradition. That's not an easy task. People in stores ask what Santa's going to bring them or if they have been naughty or nice. He's everywhere this time of year. There are many reasons why we have come to this decision.

Please keep in mind we're not trying to kill Santa, and No we do not believe that Santa is an acronym for Satan. There are so many extremes of this position. Larry and I feel that legalism fuels most of that thinking. We don't think we're better Christians or more holy than families that do have Santa in their family traditions. We desire to have hearts that seek God and want our children to enjoy the holiday without the commercialised aspects that our society places upon it. We want Christmas to be about Jesus and His humble birth. And we always want to keep in mind the Cross behind the stable.

Last night at a Church Christmas party each person was asked to speak about a favorite Christmas memory or gift. Most of the older people commented about receiving a stocking with fruit or a pocket knife. Most of them only received one small gift. One sweet lady spoke about a rag doll her Mama had made for her that she cherished for years. Each of them spoke so fondly of their gifts that a parent had made or saved many months for. The simplicity of those gifts still hold a place in their memories as being special. I desire for my children to have that kind of attitude.

My cousin Kelly posted this about celebrating St Nickolas Day. I was intrigued. I had never heard of St. Nicholas Day. Larry and I started to talk about it, and I did a little research on St Nick. I loved this article from St Nick was a feisty Christian. He was a man of conviction who was one of the writers of the Nicene Creed. So we are discussing having our family celebrate St. Nickolas Day next year. We still don't want the commercialised Santa in our home. But that heretic slapping, children loving Bishop, St. Nick,.... I hope my children love him :)

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The Noonan's said...

Great article. It's hard to start new traditions that are so entrenched in culture but I've found I have done more with my children because we are making our own tradition based on what is important - they are not "missing out". I've had to tell Samuel that everyone celebrates and remembers St Nicholas differently but we all celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birthday (he is old enough to have those conversations with other children and I want him to be sensitive in how he handles it) Hope you enjoy your new tradition making - do you have an advent calendar or book? We have a good book for little ones our kids ages about a bear who travels to see Jesus. AND one with doors to open for each night that tell a little bit each night of the Christmas story. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!