Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do you keep two toddlers still for pictures?

You blow bubbles!

I snapped these right before church Sunday. The kids were so cute in their Easter outfits, but they were sleepy. I got them up for Sunrise service. They did wonderful, and seemed to enjoy it. They slept during the Sunday School hour and I woke them back up for church.


The Noonan's said...

great idea! sweet pics

3 for Me! said...

We use Smarties for those that smile:)

But sometimes it's fun to have a pic that captures their "personalities"... LOL!! At least that's what I call it;)

Drea said...

CANDY is my best form of bribery for my boys :) and almost always works ... either that or promising to go some place fun like "deadwood" they love that place.

Drea said...

oh lol and i meant to say bubble blowing is good for potty training 2 HAHAHA! i use to blow bubbles at both caleb and taite while they were learning. made for a little extra bathroom clean up each week but wasnt to bad :)