Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ode to My Babies' Daddy

I had such a wonderful time looking through 3 years worth of pictures, picking out Daddy photos for Father's day. There were hundreds of pictures of Larry being an amazing Daddy, but these captured what I wanted to get across.

You see, I never thought we would be parents so soon into our marriage. In fact, I didn't think we would be parents until years into to our marriage. I was told I couldn't have children in my early 20's. I knew adoption would be the only way we could have a family and most agencies have requirements that you be married 3-5 years before they will place a child with you.

So you can imagine our surprise when 4 months after we were married, 5 pregnancy tests revealed that we were going to be parents sooner then we thought. I blame Larry for it. :) He started praying on our wedding night that God would bless us with children. GOD did! 19 months later He did it again! :)

For a man who had never changed a diaper before Eden's, He learned quickly. I was so impressed with how gentle he was and how much Larry wanted to be supportive. Nursing Eden and Josiah was very difficult in the beginning. Larry was right by my side, encouraging me. We teased that between the two pregnancies, Larry could have become a lactation consultant with all he had to learn to help me. He knows more about Breastfeeding, pregnancy and delivery than any man should :)

And he's great with our kids! As he awaits the time when Josiah and Eden will be big enough that they can turn our living room into a WWF practice rink, he is teaching them how to play and have fun. Thanks to Larry, We have horsie rides in the living room and the tickle monster is never far from striking laughter into a boring situation.

And for some strange reason, Larry's voice and commands receive much better and faster obedience than mine does??!!! Maybe it's because they hear me all day long, but our children are so eager to please their daddy. I think it demonstrates their great respect for their father even at this young age.

You would think as small as Eden was this was the first time Larry Read scripture over her, But it wasn't. He read it over her while she was in the womb. She must have known her Daddy's voice, because she would always calm down when he read the Bible to her.

This is right after Josiah was born.
The mess didn't stop daddy from being as actively involved as he could.

My Cute Men!

Eden's first time at the beach. She did NOT want her feet in the water.
She crawled up her daddy and remained in his arms the rest of the time.

I love Larry's big hand on Eden's little back. He is such a wonderful protector of his little girl.
I pity the men who try to pursue her in the future :)

Walking with Daddy.

Man time
Teaching Josiah the importance of ACC Basketball!
If Only I can teach him to cheer for FSU!
You can't tell in this photo but they fell asleep together watching the game. So CUTE!

Happy Father's day to the best man I could have ever chosen to raise children with. I believe God blessed me because of you and your faith. Your calm nature and love for fun was the perfect basis to start this family. I am so proud of the way you father our children, Treating them with love and respect, guiding them into a relationship with the Lord. I pray God continues to bless and strengthen you and hopefully will allow us to have more children in the future.

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Ann & Abe Kinsey said...

Beautiful testimony to a wonderful man and father. We love you - Larry - you are a wonderful father and husband.