Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you know what this is?

This is proof of God's love and protection on our family. Last week I went into Eden's room and smelled something bad. Having two toddlers, smelling something bad is part of my daily duty. But this was a different kind of bad. I didn't know what it was and walked out, busy with my daily task. I went back in a few minutes later determined to figure out what was making the smell. I discovered this, Eden's melted nightlight and dress.

Eden's dress had fallen off her changing table and landed on the nightlight. It began to burn and melt. I'm not sure how long it was like that. I think it had just been 45 minutes or so since I had used the changing table for Josiah, but it could have been the night before. I'm not sure how long it takes to melt down plastic like that. When I pulled it out of the wall I was surprised and thankful the light hadn't burst and the dress caught fire.

As you can imagine, I freaked out a little. Then a peace and grateful joy came over me. I can only explain as the "peace that surpasses understanding (Phil 4:4-7)". This was a time in my life when I could clearly see, feel and literally smell God's protection on my family. It stopped me from the busyness of my day and made me examine my life, purpose and priorities.

Larry and I pray daily over our family. Each night I pray for angels of protection to guard my children. It has become such a habit that to see proof of a response woke me up to the reality that God does answer our prayers. Sometimes boldly, sometime with a more gentle hand, but always there is an answer.
This time, I can hold the proof of my answered prayer in my hand. Feeling it's heat, smelling the stench of the melted and burned fabric, I know we were sparred a potentially tragic outcome. I wonder how many other times, how many other accidents have been prevented by God's hand??? It makes me wonder if I and my family keep the angels of protecting busy?
There is a verse in Matthew that that brings me great comfort as a mother. "See to it that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their Angels in Heaven continually see the face of my Father who is in Heaven." (Matt 18:10) Jesus lets the disciples know that the children He uses in his illustration of humbleness have angels that protect them. How amazing is it to know our children have angels that protect them!
So often I let my mind dwell on the what ifs. That night light was right next to Eden's bed. My mother's instinct and paranoia goes into overdrive thinking of what could have happend. I have to choose my battle and tell myself to stop thinking of the what ifs, and instead focus on the what is. When I chose to be faithful instead of imaginative, I can see the situation for what it was, and is, an opportunity to praise God for being my protector and provider. I began to praise God for the blessing of His protection on our family, and our home. God alone is worthy of my worship. Even if there would have been a fire and I lost everything, God is still worth of my worship.
I've come to realize I can not control a lot of what happens to me in this life, but what I can control is my response to it. I can live fearing the what ifs and I can choose to freak out and catastrophize each situation that I face. OR I can choose to worship the Lord in all situations, Living in the spirit of freedom, not timidity that God intended. I choose worship!
This was one of those steps at faith building that the Lord does for me when I need to see Him working in my life. So as I approach things like going to Haiti and facing Eden's heart surgery, I can hold that melted nightlight and remember God's protection and acts of love towards my family. I can not control what happens in Haiti or with Eden's surgery, but I can battle my fear and chose to walk in Faith trusting God to take care of me. I'm also praying He sends a few extra Angels with us to Haiti :)


Drea said...

my 1st thought was "oh that melted" the 2nd thought was "but it looks like someone made a dress for the nightlight, isnt that dangerous? thennn i read LOL and was like "wow!" that is scary, im glad all is ok...

Steven and Candi Manning said...

Praise the Lord that everyone is safe and true. Truly, what a great reminder of God's faithfulness!