Friday, February 25, 2011

He gets it from me

We often tease and call Josiah Linus (from Charlie Brown). He always seems to have "Blue" his blanket in his hand. We have a constant battle at the door because Blue is supposed to stay home and wait for Josiah to return. Often it is put on a chair and it's the first thing Josiah looks for upon returning home. He loves his blanket and rubs it against his face each night as he goes to sleep.

So when I saw this photo, I loved my son a little deeper because I can see his blanket love comes from his Momma. I loved my blankie and it appears I tried to take it everywhere with me as well. 
Like Momma, like son :)


YaYa said...

You were so-o-o-o happy when it was clean and you could have it back!!! This is to cute...

Kelly @ In Everything said...

I loved my blanket too:) And I remember my mom letting me take it to kindergarten but I had to keep it in my backpack;) I would zip it with the corner sticking out so I could give it a quick "rub" as I walked by during the day!!

Mine have blankets, but aren't as devoted:)