Monday, February 14, 2011

Stitches of Love

Have you ever felt deeply loved by your church family? I did tonight.

Remember the quilting circle I shared about a few weeks ago? You can read about it here.
The women of our church spent many long hours working on this quilt. I enjoyed being a part of the time with them and saw it as Titus 2 in action. I hoped that whoever received this quilt would recognize the hard work that went into making it. Many hand skillfully wove thread in and out as life and love was shared. Little did I know the quilt we were making was meant for Larry and I. What a blessing to be loved so much by these women that they would do this for our family.

During our Valentine dinner they presented me with the quilt. I left out the pictures where I was a crying mess, but I couldn't stop the tears because I recognized the love that went into this quilt and that love was intended for me and my family. Oh how special I felt!

Josiah ran up from the back of the room and jump on it. He said,  "pretty Momma." I thought, yes he understand the beauty of it. Maybe one day I can explain to him the time and love that went into it as well.

Along with the quilt, One of our church members wrote a beautiful poem to go along with it:

Stitches of Love

Grand glorious fabrics are not what this quilt is made of.
But this beautiful treasure is bound by stitches of love.
From the hands of everyday people, a way to show they care
By joining in an effort, their talents they willingly share.
The stitches aren't perfect, but with painstaking labor they sew
many pieces and patterns from a common thread they grow.
In this day and age few things are still made by hand
So this message we hope you'll understand
Be it blessing or storms that come from above,
Always know you're wrapped in precious stitches of love.


Kelly @ In Everything said...

So awesome!! Not just to be the recipient of the gift... but to know the love and time that went into it. And even to sit with the sweet ladies making it and learning without knowing it would be yours;)

Anonymous said...

The quilt is so beautiful but I think the heartfelt sentiment is even more beautiful. That is a perfect gift in every sense of the word. God bless your family--all five. Sue Davis