Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Painters

There are times when I try something new with the kids and it goes really well. Then there are times when the idea goes off the plan. While it becomes funny, it also becomes a big mess. Well that's how my little painters first time painting inside together went, a little off plan :)

 It started well enough. Both children had their paint brushes and were sharing the paper well.
I had covered the floor with an old shower curtain.
Good times, Good times
 I thought they were so cute painting together!
 Then Eden asked if she could paint her hand.
 I said sure go ahead and paint your hands, and do hand prints.
 I thought, oh that would be cute! And it was.
 See cute handprints :)
 Then Josiah thought, If Eden can do it I should too!
 Then he decided that he shouldn't stop with his hands, he should paint his whole body.
That's when my great idea got funny, but super messy!
 Eden painting the paint brushes.
 Josiah still painting himself.
That smile was worth the mess!

So in the end I laughed so hard I cried. I had to put the camera down and contain the kids and mess. I was thankful for the blog I recently read that gave ideas for old shower curtains. I was thankful my children played well together, even if they made a big mess and my bath tub looked like someone had been murdered in it. I was thankful that even when my plans don't go as I envisioned it should, we still had a good time and  learning happend. They learned to take turns and share. I learned to say no when they ask if they can paint their hands. :)


Steven and Candi Manning said...

Fun times, but nothing I'm brave enough to try doing with the twins anytime soon:)

Harriet Oliff said...

Once it gets warm, take them outside and let them paint a cardboard box. Then wash off in the water hose or kiddie pool.