Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meal time fun

Meal time is always a little crazy our house. Most days I put 3 meals on the table, so being creative and  getting the kids to eat what I make is always a challenge. Teaching table manners is also a work in progress. We're trying to teach the kids how to ask for things nicely, ask to be excused when finished and to hold their hands in self control until we've said the blessing.Those skills are in addition to a few other important things like chewing with our mouths closed, using utinsils instead of fingers, and using napkins when needed.  And my personal favorite, if you don't like it, don't eat it but you may not throw it on the floor!!!

So as you can see, Larry and I have our work cut out for us during meal time. There are days I think I should feed the kids first and Larry and I wait to eat until after they go to bed.  But I must say, eating together is one of my favorite times of the day. We always laugh and have fun. We talk about our day and it's such a great time to be together as a family. One of my favorite parts is saying the blessing. It is so fun now that Eden knows it and Josiah is learning it. If Larry and I forget, Eden remembers, We should always thank God for our food. Josiah likes it too. He always says, "AMEN!" at the end. He waits patiently with a huge grin each blessing, just to say, 'AMEN!"

 Typical clean up afer meal time!
 Check out how icky Josiah's shirt is.... He really enjoyed dinner that night!
Smiling and happy.
Who wouldn't want to have dinner with this handsome little man :)

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

sounds like our house:) And Chris was my super messy eater, still is... LOL!!!

I love having our meals together, too, although it gets a little hectic and crazy sometimes.

I have good friends that DO put their kids to bed and eat when the kids are sleeping as a "date night"... they fix what they want and get to .... TALK with eachother like adults!! LOL!!