Monday, March 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Sorry for the delay in blogging, but truth be told, this little fellow has kept his Momma very sick lately. The good news is he is doing great. We had a follow up apointment today and the doctor wanted to have another ultrasound to see if Momma's sickness has been effecting his growth.

Larry and I were very thankful to see him and as much as possible at this point be reassured that he is healthy. What amazing medical advances have been made over the years. The technology is a blessing! To be able to actually see him and know He is doing great was a huge blessing! He rolled around and gave us a show, had the hiccups and gave us a thumbs up and smile. The biggest relief is that he had enough amniotic fluid and all his organs and measurements were fine. In fact, he is measuring a week and a half larger than his gestational age. I grow big boys!

All that being said, The doctor and the nurse both told me that babies are amazing parasites. They take what they need from their host, ie, mommas, and it is us who have to adjust to the illness that results. Last week, I had to go in for a check up because I hadn't been able to keep any food or liquids down for six days. I was struggling with dehydration. All of my levels were low on the bloodwork. So I went on a liquid only diet for 2 days in the hopes of retraining my body to accept food. And I went on a lot of medication. For those of you who know me, I hate to take medication. But I had to do a reality check of what was best for the baby, the medication and the nutrients that he needed or the side effect of the medications. The hardest aspects of taking the medication is it makes me so sleepy. I still struggle with being sick but it's no where near the levels I was last week.

We went back today and the medication and liquid diet helped! Today I had gained back one of the four pounds I had lost which is great! I'm back down to my pre pregnancy weight, but know that I'll put on some weight in the next few weeks as baby continues to grow.

The good news is that Baby is doing great, the bad news is that I'm on a lot of medications and the doctor said I might continue to be sick for the rest of my pregnancy. He said I can wean myself down from the medications as I continue to feel better and increase the dose if I continue to be sick. I like the fact that I can have some control over that. I am also very blessed by my amazing husband who has stepped up to help take care of me and the kids. And my wonderful Mother in law has come for a visit. She is a great help with the kids and has allowed me to get some much needed rest. I'll be sad to have her leave :)


Kelly @ In Everything said...

Oh... I am soo relieved that everything looked good and that he is growing so much!!

I'm soo sorry you are sooo sick, but am so encouraged by your joyful and thankful attitude in the mist of not feeling well.

And YAY for a great MIL:) Hopefully she is staying for a while;)

Steven and Candi Manning said...

Oh Angela, I just can't even imagine that type of sickness. I'm so sorry that you're having so much sickness, but am rejoicing for your healthy baby boy!

Aliesha said...

I am sorry you have been so sick! But I am thankful that your sweet baby is healthy and growing. May God continue to give you grace during your pregnancy!