Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best Friends

On of the greatest joys I have as a Momma is watching Eden and my niece Brielle, growing to be best friends. They love one another and enjoy spending time with one another. Eden talks about Brielle every day, and prays for her every night. We've had to cancel a few visits lately because of work and sickness, so  when we realized we could go spend some time with them this week we jumped at the chance. We were rewarded with times like this, when you can see how much they love one another.


Kelly @ In Everything said...

very sweet:)

And 100 days to go until you get to meet the newest little man!! WOW!!

YaYa said...

Your daddy saved this one as our screen saver... Priceless - and they will probably think so too - later on down the road. Love to you all --- Mom