Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wooosh went the wind, then out went the lights :)

Last night we had a wonderful evening with some friends of ours. We were long overdue to have a visit with Kelly and Brian. They are wonderful encouragers and have great kids. We always have a fun time when we get to hang out. Last night during our visit a crazy storm came up and we lost power. You would think that with six kids and no power things would get crazy, but they didn't. The kids did great. They thought of it as a fun adventure. Kelly took some beautiful pictures and blogged them. Check her out:

Thank you so much Kelly and Brian. The food and fellowship was fantastic. Looking forward to hanging out again soon :)

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

We enjoyed having you all... even with the craziness!! Although the kids really did well considering;)

Look forward to meeting up again sometime;)