Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sibling Love

One of the questions I'm often asked is how are Eden and Josiah getting along with the baby. This is probably the greatest aspect of the pregnancy and Titus's life so far. Eden and Josiah love him so much and so deeply already that Titus's fit into our family has been easy.

Throughout the pregnancy, Eden would pray for the baby in Mommy's tummy each night. We spent a lot of time preparing her for her role as a big sister and Mommy's helper. Her baby dolls got lots of practice being mommied as she would act out what her role would be. We talked about Titus often over the pregnancy So she was thrilled that he finally arrived. Her "real" baby was finally here. She loves to hold Titus and has done a great job being a helper. I love watching her take the role of big sister and protector so seriously.

Josiah.... well how do you prepare a two year old for an upcoming brother? We talked about Titus as my lap continued to shrink during our nightly cuddle time. I think he finally understood when we put Titus's crib up in Josiah's room. He might have had some idea of his new brother coming. The thing I didn't expect was the humor that would come along with it. Anytime Josiah sees Titus he says, "hi ya fella!" We're not sure where he picked this saying up from but it's cute. And each morning Josiah plays a game of hide and seek looking for baby Titus. He still needs to work on the "soft touches" aspect of having a new brother. Josiah is ready for a playmate/ wrestling buddy already. But I'm excited that he has shown lots of love towards Titus.

Here are a few of our first glimpse pictures from the hospital when Eden and Josiah got to meet Titus for the first time. You can see Eden's joy at being a big sister and a little of the fun Josiah anticipates with being a big brother.

Oh the joy of sibling love!

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