Thursday, August 4, 2011

Survival Mode

We're in survival mode here at the Gilbreath house. Motherhood comes with many advantages, forgetfulness is one of them. I forgot how hard these newborn days could be. Don't get me wrong, We love Titus and are so happy he is here. We simply forgot how the sleepless nights affect the following days.

Titus is a blessing! He loves to cuddle and sleeps best when being held or snuggled up next to me. He still has his days and nights mixed up and is most awake at about 3:00 in the morning. Nursing has been a challenge for us, but we seem to be figuring it out. He's dropped weight and the pediatricians are concerned because he hasn't gained back to his birth weight yet. He's not losing any more and he's peeing and pooping well, so we're not overly concerned. Motherhood also has you keenly aware of your child's bathroom habits :)

Larry and I are hanging in there. Larry is still recovering from Pneumonia, but is feeling better. This third C-section has been difficult. I'm healing slower than I would like. The doctors are trying to figure out if I have developed an infection from the C-section or if there was just a lot of trauma during the procedure. I am so very thankful to my awesome Mother in Law who has stayed with us to help. My mom is coming back up tomorrow. They are both such blessings! I am so very thankful for their loving help. We have also been blessed by our awesome church family. They take such great care of us. This is a season in which I realize that we could not do this alone and am so thankful for our family, friends and church family.

Titus and I have been struggling to find time and energy to take some pictures. He likes to eat and poop during the sessions and because his days and nights are still backwards he likes to sleep during the daylight. He's not real crazy about posing yet, but we'll continue to work on it. Here are a few of my favorites from today.

Eden loves being with me to help with Titus and she wanted to pose too.
It's hard to believe how grown she looks.
Big Yawn, let's go take a nap!

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

yeh, hang in there! It's still only about 2 weeks... for BOTH of you! And I"m soo thankful that you have your parents who are still willing to be there to help! And that we're willing to be honest that this is a demanding stage... I really didn't enjoy having a newborn until Nate!!

I had a LOT of trouble nursing Chris... it really was his personality, my comfort level and just everything mixed together. I went to the lactation consultants at the hospital and they were very encouraging....

we take nursing sooo personal, like we're DOing something wrong especially when it's a newborn and they aren't gaining weight as fast and we honestly are tired, sore, emotional!! Sometimes we just need to make sure everything is working like it should and then EAT, drink and relax so our bodies can heal and provide.

But I found the lactation peeps to be very helpful, it wasn't a miracle cure... it was still a challenge, but I felt empowered;) LOL!

Praying for you all!! And call... I can be a listening ear:)