Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favorite men.

The girls are out numbered at our house. We're not in testosterone overload yet, but I can feel those days are just around the corner. Here are a few photos of my favorite men.

Josiah loves to hold "baby Titus", but still has to do so under a watchful eye. I can anticipate a day soon when he'll try to do it all by himself. I am trying to train Josiah to wait for Momma and Daddy, and that he must be gentle with baby Titus. Josiah loves to kiss Titus and decides each time if he should kiss Titus's head or foot. It's so sweet!

 Just today, Josiah told me Titus was his little brother, which beats the heck out of his previous answer when asked who was Titus....Josiah would say, "I don't know!"

                                          Titus is thinking...
                          You look like your happy to hold me, but if you hit me there will be payback one day!
                    Larry is such a wonderful Daddy! I couldn't imagine raising these little men with out him.

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Kelly @ In Everything said...


I forsee many wrestling matches to come.... part of boys. Even Nate is trying to take on his 5 yr old brother already!