Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Momma

Eden has become such a great little Momma since Titus was born. It's humbling to know that she is watching and learning how to be a mother by how I treat Titus. I have found myself laughing at the conversations she has with her baby doll ( Baby Einstein) and Josiah about how to treat a baby. When it's time for me to feed Titus, she will grab Baby Einstein and little pillow and feed her baby doll next to me on the couch. We've had some real interesting conversations about bodies, babies and roles of Mommies and daddies. It
is a sweet time with her as she learns what it is to be a woman, wife and mother. 

I often wear Titus in a sling. Eden has wanted a sling to wear her baby in as well. We visited our friends Kelly and Brian this weekend, and their daughter Lydia loaned Eden her mini Sling. Eden thinks it the greatest thing! She loves wearing her baby like Mommy. Sunday we both wore our Babies to church. To say she was a hit is an understatement.

                                                                  Look, no hands!
                                                                            Sweet girl!
                                                                      Holding Baby Einstein
                                                             Holding Baby Brother
                                                       I love that look in her eyes and that smile :)
This is my favorite.
Eden knows one of her jobs as a big sister is to be a protector for Josiah and Titus. This photo, with her arms around Titus, is a great visual of her taking her role seriously. She is a great big sister and will be a wonderful Mommy some day.

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