Monday, August 22, 2011

My little Student

 If I had myself better organized, I would start Eden in home school this year. But I'm giving myself a big heap of Grace. ( we do have a lot going on right now) I want her to enjoy being four, and I want to enjoy our newest arrival without having to focus on schooling.

That being said, Eden loves to learn.  Recently I bought her some lined paper and showed her how to write letters. She loves it! She has been writing her letters over and over again. She keeps asking me how to spell words and family members' names.  I'm so excited for her and look forward to slowly working with her this next year on her reading and writing skills.


Kelly @ In Everything said...

Yes.. you're still in survival mode! And it's better to start schooling when it's a nice relaxed environment!!

Have you looked into Five in a Row. I did it with Anna when we were in a similar stage. YOu read a book each day and do an activity... and the activities range in subjects (math, LA, art, history, science).

I"m hoping to do it with Nate when he's in that almost ready to school stage;)

And here's a great post about schooling little ones!! I really enjoyed the simplicity!

i LOVE little ones learning to write:)

Harriet said...

Always remember that they are learning everyday from birth, whether you call it "school" or not. Just teach them what they are curious about and learning will be just normal part of their day, like brushing their teeth or talking a walk.

I agree with Kelly about Five in a Row. Great for young children. Fits in nicely with everyday life.

You will do great.

Larissa said...

Five in a Row or Before Five in a Row are great choices.

You are absolutely doing the right thing by waiting to start her, though. Charlotte Mason says that formal education should start no earlier than 6 years old. Before then they should learn through play and through exploring God's Creation. From experience, I would have to say that they later you start them, the quicker things come together.