Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Growing Faith

Eden has never liked wind, or rain. Storms tend to scare her. We've worked on this over the past few months. I was worried how the hurricane was going to effect her. Friday, before the weather got bad, I took the kids out to let them play in the rain. I figured it would be a good reference point for not being scared, instead it would be a fun time.

In the middle of their playtime, Eden sat down on the ground and started to pray. Eden's prayer brought deep joy to my heart as I was able to witness her growing faith. I was so impressed by her willingness to stop what she was doing and pray. On her own initiative, she called out to God. She asked him to help her with her fear and protect us from the storm. Oh how I could learn from Eden. If I could just stop and talk to God in simple faith like a child.

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