Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodnight Moon

Have you ever noticed when your day is hectic and you're on edge that something happens to make you stop in your tracts and smile? I love those moments; I need those moments!

After nap time, Eden and Josiah climbed into her rocking chair and Eden started reading to Josiah. Keep in mind Eden can't read just yet, but she knows the story. We've read Goodnight Moon many many times. Eden did such a great job, and Josiah loved having her read to him. 

This moment was so sweet to watch as their Momma. It gave me hope for the time when Eden would be reading to Josiah for real. It made me realize how much they love one another even though they fight so often. It made me happy they are so close in age, because they have a built-in playmate and best friend. 


Heather said...

Such sweethearts! I pray that they always take care of each other.
They are so cute in Story Time. I can hardly keep a straight face when Josiah sings along. And Eden is a champion at ring around the crosier
When I was Eden's age id memorized Berenstain Bears Too much TV. It was a bedtime must read.

The Noonan's said...

Too sweet! Been thinking about you and hope you and Titus are doing well.