Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day/Gilbreath Visit

 I'm blessed to have married into a wonderful family. Jeanne and David have never treated me as just Larry's wife. They treat me like the daughter they have prayed for since Larry was born. They are a wonderful example of marriage and ministry and work hard to encourage us. For two brother's to be born so close in age, Timmy and Larry show no signs of competition. On the contrary, I have never known brothers who love one another so deeply and want good for the other like the Gilbreath boys. And Corey is the perfect fit that brought additional joy  with her relaxing good nature.

We all wish we could spend more time together as family. Sadly we are spread over many miles. So we try to cherish special weekends like Labor day when we can all be together. We have a great time and look forward to the next time it will happen again.

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Kelly @ In Everything said...


And love the idea of no competition between brothers!! I'm praying that we raise mine to encourage and NOT compete against each other.... hard when we practice math facts though:) Friendly competition with lots of encouragement.... that's the goal, anyway:)