Saturday, September 24, 2011

All Thumbs

Titus has finally found his thumb; And his Momma sang and danced the happy dance!

Eden and Josiah each began taking a paci days after they were born. It was a huge help for soothing them and sleeping. That is of course until it falls out and they were too young to put it back in there mouth. That's why you put 5 in the crib each night. So you only have to feel around until you find one and pop it back in.Years later, we're still using them with Josiah, Thus creating a whole other issue. I'm sure he'll give it up before college.

Titus however doesn't like anything plastic in his mouth. He will not take a bottle or a paci. Soothing Titus has taken much more work...we're talking lots of walking, bouncing and nursing. So I was super excited to check in on him during his play time to find him sucking his thumb sleeping :) Imagine the Hallelujah chorus playing loudly in my head as I watched my newest blessing soothing himself to sleep. It was a great moment. We'll figure out how to get him to stop before college too :)


The Noonan's said...

WAHOO!!!!!! So thankful he found that thumb. I heard that chorus too when Lydia found her thumb!!! Been thinking about you and hope that the next few weeks usher in a smoother time as you enjoy that cute bundle.

Kelly @ In Everything said...


And it's always nice when they can soothe themselves... whether it's a thumb, paci or special blanket! I think thumb sucking is adorable.... but HARD to break.. but you don't have to worry with that for a while! just enjoy this season:)

Larissa said...

This post has me smiling!

I used to totally rejoice when my babies found their fingers!! All 4 of my babies refused the pacifier and were finger suckers. (none of them went for the thumb, though)

Martin gave up sucking his fingers around 2 yo on his own.

Aaron needed some incentive, however. At 3 yo I made a sticker chart, and told him that when he went 30 days(after all, it takes 30 days to break a habit) without sucking his fingers, I'd buy him a toy at Target. He was easily won over by this method. So at 3 yo, he stopped.
Jonathan will be 5 next month, and still has his finger sucking moments.
Rosalie stopped on her own at about 7 months old. I don't know why she did, but I will tell you that it was not fun. At the same time, she stopped sleeping at night, and it was a hard time. She eventually went back to sleeping, though. :)

Yep, they won't go off to college sucking fingers. LOL