Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Country living and making Butter

This city girl has a long way to go before I fully understand all the nuances that go into county living, but I am one step closer. I made butter!

I have a dear sweet church member who often finds great humor in my desire to learn but having no clue how to do country living.  I get my heart blessed a lot, not the bad way. The kind way. So I was excited when she showed up at my house a few Saturdays back with her sweet daughter ready to teach us how to make butter.

She brought a neat old glass jar that had two turning blades and a crank. We poured in some heavy whipping cream and started to church. You know what? It took a whole lot of churning to make that butter! Everybody got a turn. The kids thought it was neat! As time passed it started to thicken and separate and  Ruth and I had to finish it off.

I know she must have thought I was the silliest woman every as I smiled at our butter. Proud that I could put the smack down on some country crock!

Pouring in the heavy whipping cream.

If you look close, you can see the butter in the corner of the jar.

Do you know what that is? Don't feel bad I didn't either :)
 It's Buttermilk!

My butter ball :)

Now I can't say with the amount of butter my family uses I will be pulling out a churn every time I want some buttered bread. But I can say, I am so excited to know how it's done. I feel connected to women of past generations that really did have to go through all that work just to make nice things for their families. It makes me appreciate some of the modern convinces that we are blessed with in a deeper way. If I had to work that hard every time we needed butter, we would have far less butter in our diets :)

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Harriet Oliff said...

Back when Mama and Mrs. Davis taught preschoolers in Sunday School they would let them make butter. They put the cream in a glass jar and let the preschoolers take turns shaking it until they made butter.