Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get ready for Church.

Eden has gotten to the age when she can dress herself. I often laugh at her and myself as we leave the house knowing she doesn't match. She is so proud of the fact that she has put her outfit together.  I wonder if people think I dress her this way :)  She puts a lot of thought into getting dressed and can come up with some over accessorized outfits with stealth speed. As long as she is modest, I don't say anything. And quite frankly with the other two to get ready it is a no brainer for me to let her do her own thing.

Last night after dinner, I was pushed for time. I told Eden, " Hurry, go get dressed for church. You can wear something nice." I went to go get myself and the boys cleaned up and dressed. I called for Eden, it was time to go. She ran out of her room in this wonderful outfit and said, " I'm ready!"  I cracked up!

I don't know who she thought she was going into battle with, but evidently she needed a sword and bandanna. I guess she and the Holy Spirit were going to whoop up on someone. The princess crown and blue jacket when it was still 70 degrees outside just completed the ensemble!

If your child came running out saying, "I'm ready!" in this beautiful outfit what would you do?
I did what any good Mommy would would do. I told her we don't take weapons to church, so the sword had to stay at home. Then I said her teacher would need to know who she was so the mask needed to stay home too. I asked her if her hat was really necessary and she said no, so that stayed home as well.
And yes, My princess did go to church looking quite smashing in her "Beauty" pink dress and blue jacket!

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YaYa said...

ROTFLOL.... You never quite know what's on their mind when you give them a direction to follow... These are the savers!!!!