Monday, June 18, 2012

Eden's 5th Birthday Wish

Eden has been asking to have her ears pierced for a few months. We decided that her 5th birthday would be a good time to celebrate by this small step into womanhood.
She woke up excited because we were going to Greenville to have it done. She wanted to dress up in a pretty dress and shoes. She was on her best behavior all morning.

 Excited as we first arrived.
 A little worried how much it would hurt.
 Keeping brother busy with a snack.
First ear done.

 One down, one to go. Not so happy.
But no tears. :)
All Finished. 
 First look

Happy with the result :)

 A sucker for being such a big girl.
 Josiah got a sucker for being a great big brother and
waiting (almost patiently.)

 I was so proud of how Eden behaved herself. She knew it would hurt; I had warned her it would. She became a little fearful before it started.  But her desire to have her ears pierced was stronger than her fear. She took endured the pain, never cried, and was so happy when it was finished. She is so proud of being a big girl. She has shown her new ear rings to everyone we've seen since then. It is her way of growing up.  She is joining the women in our family through this small act; growing faster than my heart would like. 

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Kelly B said...

Awe... so was soo brave:) And they are so cute!!

I think my girls would have their ears pierced if they weren't soo worried about the fear of pain. Shows me that they aren't ready... although they have mentioned it more since seeing Eden with hers;)