Sunday, December 28, 2008


My 50mm lens came yesterday and I was able to take Eden out and get some great pictures of her this afternoon. She was all to willing to go outside to play. It was such a beautiful afternoon. Who would of thought it would be 70 degrees 3 days after Christmas?

I love this lens. It wasn't expensive, but it takes great pictures. I'm so glad I got it :) I need to practice with it some more. It's not as fast as Eden is, but few lenses in my price range are :) I look forward to the pictures of Eden and Josiah I'm going to be able to take with this lens.

Mom, the last picture is just for you :) I knew you would love her expression and her tongue.


The Kinsey's said...

Hey Girl! I can't believe how much Eden has grown in just the last few months! She is such a expressive!

Glad to hear you and Josiah are doing well. Wyatt and me are hanging in...we arent going to make it to my due date...! I was back at the womens pavillion last night with contractions!! UGH!

Take care & I will email you this week.

xoxox~ Erin

Drea said...

I see BOKEH in your pictures :-) thats a good thing btw. And Eden in that tongue cracks me up!