Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haiti- One year later

Today marks the One year anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti. My heart is so heavy for the wonderful people we were able to meet and minister along side. God is doing a mighty work in Haiti. The situation is improving, but life is still incredible hard for the Haitian people.

I received an update from Dr. Vlad this past week and it included totals from the year.

"From April 2010 to December 2010 after we stop working in Hospital at Port-au-prince and look for where the Haitian people has more need and, We start Helping people with their acute and Chronic diseases via Mobile Clinic. We visiting 10 different sites every week from Monday to Friday by dividing team in two, one call ALPHA, the other one OMEGA. We Educated for those 10 months about 80,000 Haitians; see and treated 54,645 Patients. Bring 725 Haitians to our Savior JESUS CHRIST."

What an INCREDIBLE blessing to have been a small part of this ministry. There is still much work to be done. If you would like more information on going to Haiti or if you would like to donate money to help the work of Baptist Men of NC work in Haiti, please contact me for more information. And please take a few moments to pray for the Haitian people.

I was a part of medical team Alpha.
 This is Innocence.
He had done great work sharing the Gospel with the Haitian people.
Larry and he bonded over the Gospel.

 Dr. Vlad, Dr. Merline and I with some of the children in a clinic.
                                            The construction team working on Oscar's orphanage.
                                                      The ladies came to tour the work site.
                                                                      Dr. Vlad and Dr. Merline.
                             I was so impressed with their love for their work, their Haitian patients and each other.

Oscar and his wife took in 16 orphans after the earthquake. Larry and Gary worked on their orphanage

The mass burial site where over 200,000 Haitians have been laid to rest.

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