Thursday, January 6, 2011

How we told the family :)

Normally we wait until we've past our first trimester to share our news of upcoming blessings. However, with us having the whole family together for Thanksgiving, I knew I would want to share the news. Plus, I knew as soon as my Momma gave me a good look over she would know.

We arrived in Tallahassee from Charleston about an hour before having this photo shoot. Thankfully, I had called Allen and had a plan in place to share our news.

We knew we would want pictures of the cousins. Because as we all know these are ALWAYS the grandparents favorites!

So you can see Shay holding the little sign that said "Cousins"

After a few shots, I told Shay to flip it over and the little blackboard read
"And Baby makes 6!"

My super fast Brother got it immediately. Abbey kept telling Shay to turn it back over, She didn't read it, she just knew it didn't say cousins. I found out afterwards she thought it was from another photo shoot!

In July, this baby will make the 6th grand baby in 5 years for our family. For my Parents who thought they would never be grandparent, glad we could make the past 5 years such a blast!


Drea said...

very fun idea

Steven and Candi Manning said...

What a great idea Angela! Love it!