Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preschool indoor art.

With the icky weather we've had lately, I've had to start getting creative with indoor projects to keep Eden  and Josiah busy. This is winter icicles, done while Josiah was napping. She was supposed to use the paint brush to apply the glue water mixture, but why use a paintbrush when your hands can do a  better job? :)

It's so funny that some watered down glue and old Chinese noodles can keep a preschooler busy and happy for so long!

 Please feel free to share any other good indoor arts and crafts ideas :)


Kelly @ In Everything said...

cheap watercolor is nice.... they get to paint so they are super excited:) It's water ... so if it spills it's easy to clean. And i like that I get to teach them following directions, since they have to put the brush in water before using another color!

And that homemade face paint we made and used the other day was awesome;) My kids are asking to dot hat again... the kids can mix it and then give them a paint brush and let them paint themselves.... messy, sure... baths definitely come next... well after pics:)

cut out shapes with construction paper and then give the kids smaller pieces and glue to "cover" the bigger shape. COuld also do letters, numbers, hearts for V-day coming up:)

Jeanne Gilbreath said...

What a good mommie!!!!!!