Friday, January 21, 2011

Starfall and More Starfall

I'm always looking for curriculum and teaching ideas for Eden and Josiah. I'm not sure who shared Starfall with me, but I'm sure glad they did. My kids love it!  We've been using it for about 6 months. For Christmas we upgraded and joined More Starfall. That was probably the best $35 we've spent towards their education so far.

Each morning and evening we get online and go over a category. They have letters, colors, numbers, addition and subtraction, anything you would want to teach a preschooler. Plus they have music that the kids love. I am amazed at how quickly they learned. Josiah isn't even 2 yet and he knows all his letters and most of their sounds, all his colors and most numbers 1-10. It's so cute to hear him counting. Eden has really amazed me with all that she has learned as well. She is starting to put letters together and trying to spell. She is also doing basic addition and subtraction.

More Starfall also has a teacher's lounge that has customizable worksheets that I can print for the kids. Most of it is to advanced for Josiah, but there are a few that I have been able to use with Eden. The good thing about this program is that I can use it now for preschool and it will grow with them for Kindergarten.

Yesterday Eden picked up the laptop, put it her lap and used the cursor on the laptop to run the program. I guess she had been watching me and figured it out on her own. I love that she likes to spend her time learning. This momma is so proud!

Here are a few pictures of Daddy working with Eden and Josiah.
Homeschool Preschool in action :)

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