Thursday, May 26, 2011

32 Week Update

32 weeks have past since my newest little miracle started to grow inside of me. The time has flown by so quickly! I can tell he’s getting bigger and packing on weight because his jabs and rolls are getting a little more intense. The fluttering is gone, now he’s rocking and rolling. It feels so neat when he rolls around, I love this part of the pregnancy! Most days I can’t tell what’s an elbow or foot, I just know this is one active little guy.

This has been a joyous time but difficult as well. I continue to battle sickness. Some days are better than others, I still need to take medication daily, but I have become used to the sickness. I only have 7 more weeks to go before my reward for all the illness arrives. Then, just like the others, I’ll forget the sickness. It will all be worth it when I hold him.

I went to the OB this past week and my belly measured a lot larger than expected. Thankfully, I have started to put on some weight, which apparently is all baby. :) The doctor has assured me, If I go to term, I’ll have another big boy. Josiah was 8 lbs 13.5 oz. We’ll see if this baby can beat his big brother's weight.

I also found out that I had failed the in-office gestational diabetes test and had to take the longer 3 hour version on Wednesday. Thank God I passed it, but I don’t know how! My blood sugar was 204 at the 1.5 hour mark, and then I bottomed out at 50 at the 3 hour mark. I almost passed out when I bottomed out. Thankfully, the staff was super sweet and took great care of me. The whole experience left me feeling icky. I now know how bad my mom must feel when her blood sugar drops. It’s an awful feeling.

There are also new changes in the birthing policy at the hospital where we’re going to deliver. They no longer have a nursery. The baby will room in with us 24/7, which is a new change. I sent Eden and Josiah to the nursery so I could rest after their deliveries. Not an option this time.  They have stopped scheduling C- sections on Mondays and Tuesdays, which we had planned at the beginning with one of the doctors. So Baby's delivery date has been moved to July 20th. (I've updated our Lilipie to the new date.) Of course that date is if baby wants to wait that long. He could go 2 weeks early like Eden and make mommy happy :)

The other interesting thing is they sent the Birth Certificate paperwork home with us so we could fill it out before the delivery. One more thing to put in the bag to pack, which I haven’t packed yet. I guess I need to get busy, He’ll be here before we know it!

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Harriet said...

TMH no longer has a newborn nursery either. They said it was a financial decision.