Saturday, November 12, 2011

3rd times the Charm

Our sweet Titus is growing so fast! He continues to amaze me with his good nature and easy smile. His laughter brings joy to our whole house. Eden and Josiah are able to enjoy him a little more now that he's big enough to handle some of their attention. We have worked hard at teaching SOFT  TOUCHES!

Titus made an excellent travel companion to Florida, but I'm afraid our time there got him off his schedule. Traveling combined with a time change, a cold and a growth spurt have lead to him getting up multiple times a night to eat. I feel a crash course in Baby Wise in our near future. But for now. We're trying to enjoy our middle of the night time together knowing that this sweet age doesn't last long. 

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YaYa said...

OK - Did he just roll over and smile or did one of the other kids talk to him?? These are beautiful -miss you all soooo much.