Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Peyton :)

One of the best things about being a grown up is being an Aunt. I can't think of people I would rather spend time with than my siblings and their children. Peyton, or "Baby Peyton", as my children call her, is small in stature, but has a huge personality. She cracks me up with her antics. Abbey and Brian will have their hands full in the near future :)

Peyton loved Titus. She was super sweet with him. She wanted to hold him like her baby doll. She would sit on the couch and pat her lap and chest to let us know she could do it. Being the youngest of three, I figured Titus could handle it and agreed.

 Peyton thinking....
Oh Wow I can't believe they are letting me do this!
Hehehehe. Titus sure moves a lot more than my pink bear does!

 Look Aunt Angie! I'm doing it!
OK, I'm done!

Don't worry. Aunt Abbey was able to catch him :)
Way to go with those quick reflexes Abbey!

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YaYa said...

Paw Paw and I think these are just the cutest pictures.. Peyton's expression in that third pic. is priceless. Beautiful editing on the first two. Titus is cracking me up because all he wants is the pink bear. And, you're right about Abbey & Brian having their hands full soon.. She is now repeating every word that they say...