Monday, November 28, 2011

Mama said there'll be days like this!

The lyrics, Mama said there'll be days like this, There'll be days like this Mama said. Ran through my head all day. All 3 kids have colds and Titus didn’t sleep well. So I was behind the eight ball just starting my day. Most days I try to maintain some kind of balance. Yeah, that didn't happen today.

It started this morning when Josiah ran into the living room with scissors and said, “I cut my hair!” Which thank God he didn’t, but he sure scared me. He climbed the potty to get into the cabinet, got the scissors, Then he ran with them. And as we all know running with scissors is WRONG! But someone forgot to teach Josiah. I guess I'm that someone.

Then I thought I would channel some Michelle Duggar and try to have the kids work and have fun as we washed a play set we were given. It’s one of those hard plastic kind and it was filthy. I figured it would be fun to get the kids outside and get a little wet as we washed it. Needless to say Josiah found the mud puddles much better than washing the house. He was covered in mud instantly. As I was yelling at him to stop jumping in the puddles, because you know those Duggar kids would wash and obey the first time, Eden pushed Titus in the stroller (Because that’s what older siblings do) and somehow she managed to have it fall backwards. No worries, I had Titus strapped in so it just scared the both of them. And me. Lesson learned, stop trying to be the Duggars, and be the Gilbreaths!

After nap time (when only Titus slept) We started to do some coloring sheets. That’s when Josiah announces,” Momma, I pee peed in my diaper.” To which I replied, “Buddy, your not wearing a diaper, you’re wearing big boy underwear.” He smiles and said, “Momma, I pee peed in my big boy underwear!”

Hoping tomorrow is better!

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YaYa said...

Yes my sweet one... I did say there would be days like this... And you seemed to have rolled with it well... Now, on to the next one!!!