Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What's not to love? The focus is on being with family, eating lots of great food, and giving thanks to the Lord for all he has blessed us with.

We traveled to Larry's parents for a few days, then on to my brothers for the rest of the week,. It was wonderful to spend time with our family. I am amazed at how fast our children are growing. I've also realized how young  my parents are now that I'm getting older. :)

 Eden's best friend Brielle. These two LOVE one another.
Wondering what Brielle is thinking with that look on her face :)

The best fried turkey cook ever!!!!

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YaYa said...

Yes, one of the best Thanksgivings ever!!! So glad we were able to travel up. And yes, the children are growing so fast - and we appreciate the fact that you realized we weren't as old as you thought.. (Made my day!!)