Saturday, December 24, 2011

Who is this?

I often hear how Titus looks like Eden and Josiah. Most people think he looks like Josiah, I think he favors Eden more. So I went through some old pictures and was surprised how much all of my children look like one another. Piercing blue eyes and chubby cheeks are common traits for my babies. They also smile a lot :) 

All of these were taken around five months.

So who do you think this is?

If you thought Titus, nope you're wrong.
This is Eden :)

This would be Titus :)

This is Eden. The pink should give it away :)

With this red hair, there is no doubt this is Josiah :)

With these smiles, The boys really do look a lot alike :)

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YaYa said...

Wow!! Glad you found these pictures.. Those little chins add a little Thurman - Blue eyes from both sets of grands - the cheeks are in both grands - the boys have the Kinsey upper lip - not quite sure on Eden's lips - but hey, They are all beautiful!!! This is just my opinion...