Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girls night out

Last night I enjoyed a girls night out with Kelly and Andrea. We had a great time!

Our night started with a pedicure. I have wanted a pedicure for weeks now. There is just something about having pretty painted toes that makes you feel like a lady. Well reaching my feet and breathing tend to not happen at the same time lately, so it was either get Larry to paint my toes, which I'm sure he would love to do :) or to get a pedicure.
The whole experience was great except as the workers were trying to figure us out when we first arrived. They thought Andrea, (the one in the center of the picture above) was my daughter!!! Now, I know I look maternal. I'm ready to pop in fact, but Andrea is 25, married and has 2 children of her own that are older than mine!!! I laughed, she has to explain to her guy that she wasn't in school. They thought she was a teenager. It must be nice to look that young :)
After our pampering, we went to a Japanese Steak House and had a delicious dinner. 2 people at our table were having Sushi, I wanted sushi so bad, but that will have to wait a few more weeks. No raw fish while pregnant. Dinner was great, and Larry enjoyed the leftovers.
After dinner, we made the fastest run through Target ever. They close at 10:00, but I was able to get some neat stuff for Eden in the $1 section and some stuff for Josiah that I had been looking for around Williamston, but couldn't find. When I got home I realized I was overcharged for some of my item, so I'll have to go back next week. Durn, Another trip to sad :):):)
To my amazing husband, Thank you so much for watching Eden and letting me have a night out. I had so much fun and was encouraged by my fellow pastor's wives friends. It was nice to have a grown up dinner :)


Lauralynn3 said...

you definitely don't look old enough to be anyone but a baby's mom!haha, I don't know you but I just thought you needed to hear it! You look great and a very beautiful pregnant lady!

Drea said...

you know... if you had me at 12... you could possibly.. No haha.. YOU DONT look old enough at all to be my mom.. I mean what in the world? The school comment I thought was normal.. but you... my mom?

hehe funny tho.
I am assuming your not in labor this morning? Lets go back to target! HAHA walk walk walk

The Kinsey's said...

Ahhh painted toes...yes that would be so nice. I am so jealous! And like you I am dying for some sushi...that is the first thing on my menu after Wyatt gets here. MMMM MMMM GOOD!

Glad you are still able to get out and about. Take Care, Erin

Jenn said...

How fun!

You do NOT look like Andrea's mother. Good grief. She doesn't even look anything like you at all! And NO Way do you look the age to even have a teen child. That person needs glasses! :P