Sunday, January 11, 2009

Redneck Woman

Barefoot and Pregnant!

I'm a Redneck Woman!

These were so fun to take!! For those of you who know me and my feminist background, you'll get a kick out of the barefoot and pregnant picture on top :) Plus, I'm from the city. The irony should not be missed. However. you never know what country living is going to do to me :)

The Lady who owns the Bed and Breakfast where we shot these pictures has a good old fashioned work truck with this great license plate on it. I thought Larry and my family would get a kick out of it. So I had a few pictures taken with it. Getting up on the hood was challenging, but so worth this picture!!!!

The whole time I was doing this I had that Redneck Woman song playing in my head. Hope you get a laugh from it too :)

There are more pictures on Andrea's flicker account:

Andrea, These are so Fun! I love them and will have to get one of these framed!


The Kinsey's said...

These are cute...but yes I want to know how you got up on the truck and how the heck did ya hike your leg up on the bumper....? ACK! I can barely roll up in my bed much less crawl up on a truck or lift my leg up! Cracks me up!!!


Angela said...

Like I said, It was challening. I kept thinking Heeve HO! I was just glad I didn't wet my pants. I was laughing so hard and you know how it is when you have to pee every 30minutes.

But I love how they turned out. I wish you were here so I could do pictures for you. They were so much fun!!!

The Noonan's said...

Now all you need is a belt with your name on the back! I guess the belt will have to wait until Josiah is out and about for a while but the rednecking can start now! great pictures

Jenn said...

Those photos are GREAT!!! Love them! That truck tag is a riot!!! heeheeeeee....