Monday, January 19, 2009

Pineapples, Contractions, and Snow

Larry and I made a visit to the OB this morning and have been sent back home. I started having contractions last night and this morning. They are around 10 minutes apart. Unfortunately, this is not enough progression in labor to keep me or to go ahead and do the c-section. The contractions need to be about 5 minutes apart and I need to be dilating more before they will deem it "active labor." I don't know who made up those rules, becasue this sure feels like labor! The doctor said I can go on like this for days, or it could progress quickly. It's all up to God.

So I'm off to eat more fresh pineapple, I read an article in the waiting room how pineapples have a chemical in the that helps progress labor. I ate some last night but evidently didn't eat enough :)

We are supposed to have between 3-6 inches of snow here tomorrow as well. So I am worried about getting family in if the weather gets bad. Thankfully, our church family is AMAZING and will do whatever we need to help out. Eden has so many people who love her and have offered to watch her if we need it. Dalton has offered to take us to the hospital in his 4 wheel drive truck if the weather gets that bad. It's so nice to be so loved and cared for in times like these.

Please pray for us. I want Josiah to go ahead and come, but I also want him to have enough time to grow and his lungs develop. According to the doctors, I'm 37 weeks and 2 days, They will not stop labor if it begin, but they will not encourage it either. Like I said before, all of this is in God's timing. Josiah is His creation and will come when His timing is perfect. Waiting is not easy. But nothing about this pregnancy has been. It will all be worth it when he's here and I can tell him how much he is loved.

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3 for Me! said...

With the possibility of snow maybe tonight would be a good night to SKIP eating pineapple:)

I wish you could be more comfortable. Maybe you are getting these extra moments to REST??

Glad you're church family is soo willing to help!! What a comfort and blessing. YOu guys are in our prayers!!