Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trouble with technology

Larry and I joked that we went back in time this week. Monday our TV started to act up. Our TV was OLD, the color was a little off, but it worked. Well it works no longer. OK so no big deal. We can use the 19 inch in Josiah's room. I didn't want it to stay in his room anyways.

Then Tuesday we canceled our aircard, which we use for Internet service, because it was just performing so slowly! We live in an area where we can't get high speed, so this was our next option. It was expensive and didn't work well. We decided to try Verizon's aircard because it is supposed to work better. I'll let you know. Anyways, we got the card on Thursday while in Greenville, but it didn't work when we got it home. Larry took it back Friday, and now we're back online. So I had 3 days with no Internet service.

Then the radio in my car decided it wasn't going to work. We had put my car in the shop, I have no idea why it came back with the radio messed up, but the car is old too :) Thankfully it started to work again. So maybe it was just upset with the mechanic that worked on it.

I thought by Wednesday, Gee what did we do before all this technology!!! I had no TV, No Internet and the radio in our car didn't want to work. I thought Boy this is just weird!!!

It was so good for me to be without all the interuptions. I was able to catch up on lots of cleaning, work in Josiah's room (it's almost done), make a great pot of clam chowder and started to read a new book. This week was a reminder of how much time I waist doing things that just don't matter. I think God was giving me a glimpse of how things need to change before Josiah gets here. So I have resolved to spend less time watching TV and look for opportunities to do other creative things.

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