Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coupon Princess at it again :)

On the last day of triple coupons I woke up and thought I HAVE to go to town! It was this crazy need to coupon shop that would cause the world to fall of it's axes and spin out of control in not fulfilled. No not really, But close to it!

Larry was planning to visit someone at the hospital anyways. So I thought we could spend some time together on the ride, I could drop him off and I could shop :) Win Win! And yes, we did bring the kids, who did GREAT!

I was happy to find most of the item I had coupons for were well stocked. I also had a coupon from BabiesRUs for a free case of diapers. Which was worth $41.99 :) So My total was $189.37 minus the 135.12 in coupons and VIC savings for a total oop (out of pocket) $55.25! CHA-CHING! I saved $134.12!

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3 for Me! said...

I got my coupons ready and NEVER got to go:) After the appt Thursdy I felt soo AWFUL... I was tempted to go while experiencing the mild contractions or on the way home from the hospital... but my hubby convinced me i was NUTS!!!

So I missed it.... but you did a great job:)