Monday, May 10, 2010

Uncle Brian

Looking back through our trip to Florida, I can't help but see why Eden loves her Uncle Brian so much. Some how he has captured her heart and she LOVES him. It's a running joke at our house that when it's time to be quite we say, "shhh" and Eden says "Brian's sleeping." She thinks he's narcolepsy :) He's not, he just works nights. When we visit we have to tell Eden to "shhhh, be quite b/c Brian's sleeping." Now the two are link in her mind. :)

While visiting Yaya's and PawPaw, Brian asked Eden if she wanted to go on a boat ride. Without hesitation she said yes and followed him. I think he could have asked her to go anywhere and she would have said yes, just to spend time with him. She thought she was such a big girl in her life vest and riding along side of him. She still is talking about her boat ride weeks latter.

So to my the man fortunate enough to have married my baby sister, You are blessed. My daughter loves you very much. And soon enough your daughter will be looking forward to going anywhere with you, just to spend time with you. If these women think of you so highly, there must be something special about you. :) I am happy that you have become a part of our family. I look forward to watching you grow into fatherhood as you lead Abbey and Peyton. You are a good man, and I'm proud you're my brother.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he is ONE speical man... I can certainly understand why she loves him sooooo much. You know, they say, "Girls marry men just like their daddy", well, that speaks for itself.. Ya Ya