Monday, May 10, 2010

More of Peyton

Here are a few more pictures of "Baby Peyton." For some reason Eden will not just call her Peyton. It's "Baby Peyton" as if that's her first and last names. Which I think is really cute.

Another thing I think is really cute are these pictures of my niece. I talked with Abbey about posting these because they show Peyton's brace. When Peyton was born the pediatrician found that her hip was out of placement. Thankfully, it is not believed to be a major issue. However, as a new Momma, being told there is anything wrong with your baby can be incredibly difficult. Abbey handled it with grace and a wonderful this is what it is and how we'll deal with it attitude. It is another reason why I am so proud of how she has adjusted to motherhood.

Peyton's prognosis look very good. Her last MRI showed the bones growing properly. The doctor was very impressed with her improvement. If everything continues to grow properly, she will only have to wear the brace for a few more weeks.

When I took these pictures I asked Abbey what she thought of letting her brace be seen. Peyton wears her brace 24/7. So we couldn't take it off for pictures. Abbey didn't really know how she felt about it, but let me take some pictures in different outfits and in just the brace. I e-mailed her some of these and she loved them! These pictures capture Peyton and she said she was fine with me showing off her little girl :)

So here she is....... Baby Peyton :)

Sleeping beauty
Blue eyes

check out my super girl muscles!

Where is my thumb???

Cowgirl in the making


Nicole said...


She is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Harriet said...

You probably remember Melanie's "bump" on her chin. When we had her two year old photos made someone asked if we wanted to have the photo edited to hide it. We chose not to and I have never regretted it. That is how she looked at that age. It is one more thing to look back on and thank God that it was only a "bump". The bump went away, the scar is still there at age 14, but that is just part of who she is. You will be glad later to have these photos.